We donate 100% of the profit

Obtained from the sales of CAFÉ CON CAUSA [Coffee with a Cause], these profits are then invested in educational projects. We will show you our numbers and we will show how your money reaches the Guatemalan communities.


We believe in accountability

We believe in the importance of being transparent in everything we do. Therefore, we open our books to you so that you can see our costs, our expenses and our profits. We show you how we invest every cent in educational projects. 

Production Cost

Thanks to the alliances formed with our partners and suppliers, who believe in our Project, we have managed a purchase cost of Q18.02 [approx. $2.40USD] per one pound of coffee.


Transportation, administrative costs and the equivalent of 17% in taxes add up to Q.11.20 [approx. $1.490USD] per each coffee bag.


With a retail price of Q.65.00 [approx. $9.00USD], we generate a profit of Q.35.78 [approx. $4.77USD] per bag which is 100% invested in educational projects.

$ 4,131.40

in profits obtained from these sales, have already been invested in high school education for teenagers at the Guaisná village and neighboring communities.


Thanks to the support of all our allies and customers, we closed 2018 with a sale of 3,246 bags of coffee, which allowed us to raise an amount of $11,856.71 in our first year of the project! In 2019, the annual sales were 4,310 bags, with which an amount of $20,561.57 was raised. In both years, the economic donation was assigned to the Cocolá Grande village, for the payment of teachers of the National Institute for Diversified Studies that opened in 2018. Thank you for your support and trust!

The best legacy for the future of each community is the education of its children, we have taken this initiative to help and turn this dreams into a reality

M. Leonardo Antiles

General Manager XumaK