We donate 100% of our product revenues.

All profits obtained through our product sales is invested in educational projects. Let us show you how your contribution is making a difference and reaching out to the communities where Cafe con Causa is working. 


We are accountable

We believe in the importance of being transparent in everything we do by providing you with information on costs, expenses, earnings and impact data.

Production costs

Thanks to alliances with our suppliers who believed in the project, we managed to have a production cost of Q18.08 per unit.


Transportation and administration expenses as well as 17% on tax expenditure represent only Q11.20 [approx. $1.490USD] per each bag of coffee.


With a sales price of Q65.00 [approx. $9.00USD], we generate a profit of Q35.78 [approx. $4.77USD] per unit, which is entirely invested on educational projects.

$ 7,448.67

In product sales profit, currently used to pay for High School teachers salaries at Guasiná Village in San Mateo Ixtatán, Huehuetenango.


Thanks to our allies and clients who have joined our cause, we have sold 9,620 bags of coffee in the first three years of this project; This has allowed us to raise $42,264.94, that has been donated to the Cocolá Grande community in support of promoting the National Institute of Technical Career Education of the community and the Guaisná village for the operation of the National Institute of High School. Thank you for your support and trust!

The best legacy for the future of each community is the education of its children, we have taken this initiative to help and turn this dreams into a reality

M. Leonardo Antiles