Our name defines us.

We commercialize coffee to carry out educational projects in rural communities of the country. That is our cause!


How does it arise?

historia café con causa


Our story begins in 2015 when XumaK S.A. started supporting Cocolá Grande Village in Huehuetenango. The company supported the community by helping them to establish the first junior high school, founded at the beginning of the year 2016 with 50 students. 

By 2017 a high school was also established in the same village with the purpose of preparing young students to gain technical abilities to apply for a job or continue with a higher education opportunity.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, XumaK S.A. sought to repeat the same model of Cocolá Grande Village with the purpose of promoting education in more communities of the area. This is when Cafe con Causa turned into a reality. It was created as a social enterprise through which individuals, communities and organizations can come together in the same model to focus efforts in creating educational opportunities that are scarce for many children and young people in different regions of the country. 


XumaK S.A. is a company dedicated to develop solutions for digital marketing and e-commerce. It was born in 2004 in the U.S. and since then it has expanded its operations to different countries in Latin America. Its Q'anjob'al name, which in english translates “to blossom”, has characterized its story through the analogy of the sower who sows a seed, cares for it and watches it grow; it becomes a leafy tree that bears many fruits and shelters.

Check out this video to understand the analogy!


One of the branches of this leafy tree represents the social pillar of XumaK, S.A., that since 2011 has carried out different community work. Among them, the support to schools in rural areas to implement academic cycles and computer labs. 

Throughout these years, XumaK, S.A. has sought to give shelter to many communities under this branch. We continue to work so that more children and youth can see the benefits of it and experience the opportunity to be educated with quality schools and teachers. The growth of this branch can only be achieved through united efforts and the involvement of more companies and people.  

This is how Café con Causa was born, a project promoted by XumaK S.A. that looks for a diverse support plattform.