Café con Causa

Our name defines us. We sell Guatemalan coffee to obtain funds that will allow us to create and support educational projects in rural communities of the country.

About Us

We believe in education

It is every child?s right, and the most direct way to achieve social transformation for the future. That is why we seek to encourage, develop, and enhance educational projects with the goal of providing a generation of Guatemalan citizens better opportunities for growth.

Members of the community plant coffee trees. The plant grows from the seed and collectors harvest the mature beans. The beans go through the coffee manufacturing process. Café con Causa is packed. Coffee is displayed for sales different sites. Organizations or individuals contribute by purchasing Café con Causa. We invest 100% of the profits obtained to propel educational projects.

Through a sustainable model

We created a business platform that involves rural communities, entrepreneurs, individuals and organizations. By selling coffee, we promote educational projects that addresses the needs of the communities, and at the same time, promotes the social transformation of the country.


How did we get started?

We started from a corporate initiative and evolved to be a platform of inter-institutional cooperations.
Our Story