Café con Causa

Our name defines us. We commercialize Guatemalan coffee to generate resources that create and sustain educational projects in the rural communities of the country.

About Us

We believe in education

As an important pillar for an individual and society?s development. This is why we encourage and develop free educational projects in the rural communities of the country, with the aim of promoting a generation of Guatemalans who have the knowledge and abilities to access better opportunities in the near future.

How do we work?

We have created a commercial platform that involves small producers who grow and harvest coffee, we purchase it at a fair price and commercialize it with individuals and visionary companies. All the profits generated by product sales are donated to community schools in the rural areas to promote education for children and youth.


How did we start?

We began as a corporate social responsibility initiative and with the purpose of expanding our impact, we have become in a social enterprise.
Our Story