Our Current Cause

That all the children and teenagers from the village of Cocolá Grande and its neighboring communities have access to high school education.

Our Cause

The Village of Cocolá Grande, uniting!

The village is located in the Municipality of Santa Eulalia, of the Department of Huehuetenango, in Guatemala. Huehuetenango is the second biggest department/state in the country and has some of the poorest citizens in the rural area. Cocola Grande is located approximately 18 hours driving distance from Guatemala City. 

This community, aware of the gap that the lack of education creates and in the effort to close this gap for the current and future generations, in 2012, parents got once again organized and started the work in establishing the equivalent of middle school. The closest middle school was approximately 5 hrs walking distance from the village.

Inhabitants, approximately

Can only attend up to sixth grade, because they only have one elementary school. The next level of school was 5 hrs walking distance. Moreover, the families are not in a financial position that would allow them send their kids to school to other towns to continue their education.

This is the year that middle school started

After three years of legal procedures to request a middle school, the community got the sponsorship and support of XumaK, a private Company, and initiated their middle school "Instituto de Estudios Básicos".

Students enrolled in 2016

From the first year of the school functioning to now, the students have kept a grade point average higher than 82. Their commitment in studying and taking advantage of the opportunity they had is a testament of the Guatemalan youth.

In 2017, 51 students got enrolled some are new students who came from neighboring communities


café con causa cocola grande

Building Futures

In 2018 we opened the next school level

In 2018 the National Institute of Studies in Diversified (INED for the spanish abbreviation) was created in the village of Cocolá Grande, this being the first INED totally free in the entire municipality of Santa Eulalia. The open career was Accountant Expert with a emphasis on Community Development, which allows students to acquire the knowledge and skills of Expert Accountant as well as Developer of Community Projects. Nine students enrolled, of which eight completed the school year. Thanks to the donation of XumaK S.A., a computer lab was installed the past may, which is used by more than 250 children and young people who study in the school.

For 2019

Our Current Goal

We want to support the current high school in the community of Cocolá Grande, making a monthly donation to cover the salary of the four professor who teach in the first and second year of the career. As well as strengthening areas that allow improving the quality and academic experience these young people receive, such as a library, Internet access and computer tools.

Map of communities neighboring Cocolá Grande


In the map shown below, the location of the eight neighboring communities of the Village of Cocolá Grande that will also be benefited by the implementation of these educational projects, is shown.

café con causa mapa