Café con Causa

Together we can transform the life of many guatemalans!

especially in rural areas that do not have them.

One Community

of young guatemalans that dream with the opportunity to transform the life of their families and their own to promote development in their communities.

A cause
More than a Company

created with the purpose of contributing to social development through education projects for the most vulnerable population in Guatemala.

A community
A visionaries Community

of individuals and organizations joined together for this cause to give the opportunity to many guatemalans to transform their lives and in turn, the country.

The Project

Café con Causa

100% of the product sales profit is invested in educational projects promoted in the rural areas of the country.

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Join the Cause

By purchasing Coffee with a Cause you are helping more children and youth to have access to free education and can dream of a better future.

How to join

The Communities we benefit!

Cocolá Grande Village was the first target community we worked on. With the help of Café con Causa, we were able to open a High School, allowing the students to continue with their education. The second project was implemented in Guaisná Village in which a junior high school was opened with 49 students.