With your purchase

you are taking an active role in the transformation of lives of children and youth in the most remote communities of Guatemala. 


Please fill the form below and tell us how many bags of Café Con Causa you want to purchase or how you'd like to contribute and we will contact you as soon as possible. 


You can buy Coffee with Cause in the establishments of our allies.


Diagonal 6, 12-42 Zone 10. Design Center Building, Tower 1, Level 14. Phone Number: (502) 4573-7964

Danta Chocolate

Verdever Mall 10 street 0-65 zone 14, local 7 Phone Number: (502) 2363-0100

Monja Blanca

9 avenue 14-75, Zone 13 Local CC 2-22 Plaza Guatemala, 2nd level International Airport La Aurora Interior Phone: 5900-7270 - 4211-7940

Hotel Premier

2 street 5-37 Zone 8 Corral Chiquito Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Phone Number: (502) 7764-09200

Guate's Coffee Shop

14 street 0-20 zone 10 Guatemala City Hotel Westin Camino Real

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You can also make your purchase via telephone, WhatsApp or by visiting our point of sales noted below.


Diagonal 6, 12-42 Zona 10. Design Center, Torre 1, Nivel 14. Guatemala City, Guatemala.


(502) 4573-7964